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:::::: OUR RANGE OF PRODUCTS :::::::

Complete Plant & Machinery / individual machines, dies & tools for the manufacture of :

Metal Cans such as

Metal Closures such as

General line Cans
OTS Cans
Shoe polish,
Balm tins, 2 piece Cans etc.
Aluminium PP Caps
Vial seals
Pull tab seals
R.O.Caps, Screwed caps
Twist open caps
Drum closures


  Machinery For Metal Cans
Round Cans Rectangular Cans
     Oval cans  Ointment / Shoe Polish tins
     2 piece Shallow Drawn Cans for seafood
     OTS Cans Conipail Aerosol cans
     Decorative Cans
Machinery For Pilfer Proof Caps Machinery For Vial caps
Machinery For Screw Caps
  Machinery For Lug Caps / Twist Off Caps Machinery For Steel Drums Can Reforming Line
  Powder Filling Line Liquid Filling Line Balm/Ointment/Paste Filling Line
  Vacuumising & Gassing Unit Seaming Machines Seaming Machine For Capacitors
  Machinery For Automotive Filters Gang Sliter Power Presses with Feeding
  Roller Coating Line Machinery & Tooling for
     battery cell components

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